Compassion is a necessity, not a luxury and that it is a question of human survival.
— His Holiness The Dalai Lama


The Compassionate Coaching Frameworkputs compassion into action.

We developed this proprietary method for training professionals who want to develop coaching skills that integrates the best evidence-based practices of coaching with yoga service, science, and wisdom. This unique approach balances the head with the heart and is informed by self-compassion as well as compassion for others.

Why compassion?

We start from this place of oneness - the fabric of the universe, of our planet, and of all beings. Compassion is our ability to see this deep connectedness and know that we are not separate from anything or anyone. In time, we come to appreciate that there are no boundaries, even when it often feels like there is space between us. This is the practice.

Our mission is to help all yogis clarify and activate their heart-centered visions through cultivating compassion. Coaches gain a deeper understanding of themselves, the relationships they have with clients, and how to lead others to a deeper purpose and bring their genius into the world with a defined plan of action.

The Compassionate Coaching Framework™ provides a three-dimensional system to develop compassion at three levels: (1).png

Compassionate Coaching Framework


1. The Center: Yoga The proven methodology leads path leads to more self-compassion and interconnectedness is where we begin with our students. A yoga practice creates transformation and provides the foundation for a yogi to become a great coach.

2. The Circle of Practice: Love, Gratitude, Intuition, Discernment These four values-driven practices help our students access and amplify compassion for others, including their clients, which provides a trusting, safe and productive space for coaching.

3. The Circle of Service: Skillful Questions, Support, Stillness, Structure Our coaching students learn to expertly provide these four elements in every session to ensure depth, personalization, and effectiveness. Ultimately, this part of the framework brings more service to world as clients put their visions and compassion into action.

Join us at our next Coaching Skills for Yoga Teachers and Yogis™ to experience The Compassionate Coaching Framework™ from the inside out.  If you want to explore private coaching and gain the power from our method as a client, schedule a call with the co-author of the Compassionate Coaching Framework™: