FAQS: Private Coaching

What problems can you help me solve through private coaching?

It is easier to face and work through life’s challenges with a coach by your side. We are here to support you if you are:

  • Challenged by overwhelm and stress
  • Searching for more meaning and/or purpose
  • Facing a health crisis
  • Needing support after overcoming an addiction
  • Developing your leadership skills so you can expand your impact
  • Launching or up-leveling your business
  • Contemplating your legacy
  • In a career transition or job search
  • Experiencing relationship difficulties or a divorce
  • Dealing with grief
  • Searching for a new life partner
  • Improving your wellness, yoga and/or health practices
  • Asking how to integrate more spirituality into your life


How is your approach to coaching different from other coaching out there?

Here are three key ways Talking Yoga Private Coaching Programs are different:

  1. We connect from a place of oneness, yoga and compassion.  Perhaps you are already on a yoga or meditation path, and also share these values.  Then together, we address your challenges from common ground.  Our sessions go deeper based on our shared understanding of purpose, practice, and service.  And ultimately open you up to a life filled with more joy, gratitude, and love.
  2. Our approach is results-oriented and proven. We continue to develop and hone our comprehensive curriculum which is steeped in evidence-based coaching methodology combined with yoga wisdom and neuroscience. Our underlying curriculum, first launched in 2004, has been used by thousands of clients around the globe to address a wide range of life issues.
  3. Talking Yoga Coaches are both Certified Yoga Teachers AND Coaches.  Our coaches are hand selected to have extraordinary skills across all dimensions.  They begin by creating a sacred space for the work together, where you can feel safe, supported, and present.  Talking Yoga Coaches are uniquely qualified to help you deal with the head and heart, and integrate mind/body techniques to accelerate your transformation.


What is evidence-based coaching?

The term evidenced-based coaching describes executive, personal and life coaching techniques that are purposefully based on up-to-date scientific research and data. At Talking Yoga we are in a continuous improvement process to use the existing research related to coaching and yoga as well as our own research studies to make sure we are providing advanced and effective programs.


What do you mean when you say you weave yoga practices into the coaching session?

Our coaching sessions may include discussions about your yoga experience or curiosity, yoga philosophy and possibly incorporate simple movement, breath work, guided visualization, meditation and/or mudra practices.


Do I need prior yoga or meditation experience to work with Talking Yoga?

No prior yoga training is required for our sessions. We customize your session based on the level of yoga and meditation you have had prior to working with us to meet you where you are at.


How do I decide which Talking Yoga coaching program is right for me?

We are happy to discuss your specific situation and recommend a customized solution that fits your preferences, budget, challenges, and schedule.  For a free half-hour consultation, click below: 


FAQS: Coaching Skills for Yoga Teachers and Yogis™

What is the format of the online training?

Each live session is on Tuesdays from 8:00 to 9:30 pm ET and recordings of that session are posted later that day in case you cannot attend live. The schedule for the four-week class is:

July 17 – Session One

July 24 – Session Two

July 31 – Session Three

Aug 7 –  Session Four

Class materials, discussions and homework will be posted each week on the Private Facebook group. You are encouraged to attend as many sessions live as possible, but you will also reap the benefits of the class if you listen to the class recordings and do the assignments on your own time.


Will I have one-on-one access to Laura and Laurel?

The course itself provides many opportunities to interact with Laura and Laurel, including the weekly class sessions and the private Facebook group. If you are interested in an additional coaching session with Laura or Laurel for more support, please email us at laura@talkingyoga.com or laurel@talkingyoga.com and we will be happy to arrange one-to-one work. 


How many hours of work are required to complete the training? Is there homework?

There are four class session, 1.5 hours each, for a total of 6 hour of group class time.  To translate the material from theoretical to actionable so you can personalize it to your own situation, we include homework assignments along the way.  You should plan for one to two hours a week outside of class, but those assignments can also be completed at your own pace.


Is this approved as Yoga Alliance continuing education?

Yes, the online training program provides 12 non-contact hours for Yoga Alliance continuing education.


Will I receive a certificate upon completing this training? 

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion once you reach the end of the training and have successfully completed the homework assignments.


Do I have to be a yoga teacher to take this training?

No, this information is also applicable to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of yoga and coaching, including yoga teachers.  It is relevant to heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches from other disciplines, leaders looking to serve in a better way, and yoga practitioners who want to expand their impact.


Do I have life-long access to the material I am given as part of the online courses?

Yes, you will be able to access the materials and recordings through a private Facebook Group.


How do I become a Talking Yoga Coach? 

Our coaches are all certified yoga teachers, trained in our methodology, the Compassionate Coaching Framework™, and have expertise in a one or more of these areas:

  • Purpose/Vision
  • Love/Relationships
  • Health/Wellness
  • Career/Business

If you are interested in being part of our team, a prerequisite to the application process is to register and fully participate in our online training program, Coaching Skills for Yoga Teachers and Yogis™.  After you complete the course you can learn more about our application and selection process by contacting laurel@talkingyoga.com.


FAQS: General

If I sign up for your Newsletter, will you rent my name to anyone else?

No, absolutely not. When you opt-in to receive a newsletter from Talking Yoga, we will send it to you using MailChimp, our email service provider. Your email will only be used to send you the newsletter and nothing else. You may also choose to opt-in to receive special offers from Talking Yoga, which may include exclusive discounts on travel, classes or merchandise from our partners, but in that case, you can opt-out at any time here


What happens if I opt-in to let you send me special offers?

On our newsletter registration page, you may also choose to opt in to receive special offers from Talking Yoga. These may include exclusive discounts on travel, classes or merchandise from our partners, but in that case, the email will still come from us via MailChimp, our email service provider, and we will not give your email address to our partners. If you decide to take advantage of one of those offers by clicking on the link to our partner, then their privacy policy will govern your relationship with them from that point. You can opt-out from receiving special offers from Talking Yoga at any time here.