What Is that Thing that Makes You Come Alive?

What Is that Thing that Makes You Come Alive?

In the case of master yoga teacher Kathryn Budig, it was the story of the Greek goddess Artemis that served as a powerhouse for her life. In tomorrow’s episode of Talking Yoga, Kathryn tells host Colleen Saidman Yee about how she grew up loving Artemis – the “tomboy of the gods” – who defied all the rules, never married, and became an inspiration for generations of empowered women throughout the ages.

In fact, Artemis influenced Kathryn so much that she’s the inspiration for her latest book, Aim True: “As an adult, when I came back to her, that’s what kind of propelled this Aim True message: this ability to completely take a stand in what it is you love and what you’re amazing at, and what you want to put into the world, regardless of the noise of others, regardless of the opinions of others, and step into your own.”

That led to an interesting dialogue between Kathryn and Colleen, about how some people will live their lives with their gifts and their true selves buried under society’s rules and judgments.

Which brings us to this week’s Talking Yoga question: What is that thing that makes you come alive? Is it your yoga practice? Is it the act of teaching yoga? Maybe it’s the yoga service you’re involved with that lets you make an impact on the world.

Or maybe it’s something else entirely? Tell us what makes you come alive, right here in the comments below, or in the discussions about this episode on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to include the hashtag, #ComeAlive.

And be sure to watch our newest episode, “Be Yourself” with Kathryn Budig, hosted by Colleen Saidman Yee, which will premiere this Tuesday, August 2, at 11am EDT on our website, iTunes and our YouTube channel.