Are you ready to pay attention to your truest knowing? To serve in a deeper way? 

Talking Yoga can help you design your next chapter in one or more of these areas:

  • Purpose/Vision

  • Love/Relationships

  • Health/Wellness

  • Career/Business

The Compassionate Coaching Framework™, our proprietary methodology integrates yoga wisdom with evidence-based coaching techniques to accelerate change while reducing stress.  

Like you, we love and live yoga. We honor your commitment to this path of self-knowledge, service and kindness. Our programs help you align your head and heart while offering you practical tools for living an inspired life and doing work you love.  

Do you dream of building your yoga business, being a heart centered-entrepreneur, or developing leadership skills to be of greater service in the world? 

Whether you choose to add coaching skills to your teaching portfolio or receive yoga-inspired coaching yourself, this revolutionary approach will propel you to your potential.  

Join us at our next Compassionate Coaching Skills for Yoga Professionals, Coaches and Entrepreneurs™ or schedule a call with the co-author of the Compassionate Coaching Framework™, if you want to explore private coaching: