Love and Self-Realization, with Ramanand Patel

Love and Self-Realization, with Ramanand Patel

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Teacher: Ramanand Patel
Host: Colleen Saidman Yee

Tonight’s segment from host Colleen Saidman Yee’s interview with master teacher Ramanand Patel – our first full color video – springs from a question asked by Patti in Pennsylvania about feeling unloved and finding balance. Ramanand says that “No one can love you until you first love yourself” and he and Colleen explore the connection between self-realization and love. 

Join us as Ramanand explains the difference between love and sensual pleasure. You’ll hear how the body is endlessly striving to get more of what is pleasurable, and less of what is not, a sensory experience that will never end, has nothing to do with love, and may even control you.

When Colleen quotes Nisargadatta Maharaj, “Without self-realization, there is no virtue,” and asks Ramanand if he’s reached that point, the master yoga teacher explains that he has not, but that there has been a progression. Ramanand reflects on the difference between how he was 10 years ago and today. “When I see a human being happy, it makes me happy. When I see somebody in pain, it causes pain to me. And that has refined, and I hope it continues to refine more and more."

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