Inside the Sound of Om, with Pandit Rajmani Tinguait

Inside the Sound of Om, with Pandit Rajmani Tinguait

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Teacher: Pandit Rajmani Tinguait, Ph.D.

In this very special episode of Talking Yoga, filmed at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA, as part of the Om Lab project for the Rubin Museum, we would like you to consider a sound. The sound of Om (sometimes expressed as AUM). And instead of our usual host/guest format, this time we have but one guide: Pandit Rajmani Tinguait, the spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute and the successor of Swami Rama of the Himalayas. 

Together we’ll delve into Indian philosophy and metaphysics to explore the concept of aksara, the indestructible sound of infinity. Pandit Tinguait describes it as “A sound that describes the perfect stillness of the universe, where all the forces, all the energies, and all the vibratory patterns of matter are in a complete state of equanimity.”

Pandit Tinguait explains how the sound of Om is simultaneously two different kinds of eternity, one constant, the other ever in flux. You’ll explore the four states of Om, described by four different components, and hear how the sound that we hear is merely the outward expression that can hardly represent the truth contained in Om. And in the end, Pandit Tinguait describes how the process of our inner journeys and yoga can take us, if we reach deep enough, inside the sound of Om itself.