The Intimacy of Om, with Dana Trixie Flynn

The Intimacy of Om, with Dana Trixie Flynn

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Teacher: Dana Trixie Flynn

Talking Yoga returned to the Om Lab at The Rubin Museum to record this very special, empowering and lively session with master yoga teacher Dana Trixie Flynn as she explores the more intimate aspects of the sound of Om.

Dana reflects on how, by chanting Om, we touch what’s eternal. We get past our sense of a finite, limited existence and remember that, like the story of Krishna opening his mouth, we have the whole universe inside us. But at the same time we are embracing the infinite, the soulful vibrations create an intimacy we share: the mind and the ego move out of the way, and we make the leap from the head, to the heart. 

Find out why Dana feels we’re all in the Om Lab, and how chanting Om will deepen the love that each of us have for what we believe in. You’ll learn why Om is like a spiritual forklift, and why chanting Om is a feel-good thing. As she puts it, “I feel like I link with all the lineages everywhere, and all my teachers I’ve ever had, and all the future teachers to be.”

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