Yoga, Aging, and Loss, with Dana Trixie Flynn

Yoga, Aging, and Loss, with Dana Trixie Flynn

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Teacher: Dana Trixie Flynn
Host: Colleen Saidman Yee

Join us as host Colleen Saidman Yee finally gets to interview master yoga teacher Dana Trixie Flynn, whom she’s known for decades. The very first subject they discuss is how Dana’s yoga practice helps her face her insecurities and gain self-confidence, inner strength, and peace.

Colleen and Dana also reflect on how aging impacts our personal yoga practices, and they dig much deeper than just the physical aspects. As Dana sees it, “Our inner needs start to shift, so our outer choices need to reflect that.” You’ll hear why it’s not so easy in a physical culture like ours, and it often requires each of us to get more rigorously honest as we age. Even the wisest among us can be resistant: Dana describes how T. Krishnamacharya was constantly telling his student, Mr. Iyengar, “Enough with the Asana, meditate,” but his younger student wasn’t ready to hear it yet. 

Their conversation moves from aging to attachment, suffering and even loss. When Colleen asks Dana if yoga helps her in dealing with losing friends as we all get older, Dana recalls a time she stood crying in the middle of the Ganges River in India. Listen now to hear why Dana says that for her, loss creates an urgency to stay connected through her practice, bringing her closer to the sacred energy, so that her ideas of things just fall away. 

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