This Is Your Brain on Om, with Jeff Masters

This Is Your Brain on Om, with Jeff Masters

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Teacher: Jeff Masters

In another special episode of Talking Yoga recorded at the Om Lab in The Rubin Museum, we explore the physiological and neurological impact of chanting Om. Our guide is master teacher Jeff Masters, who has spent the last few years integrating Yoga’s ancient principles with modern science and medicine.

Jeff explains the very real biological processes that occur when you chant Om, describing how the act calms the stimuli across the primary auditory cortex and inner structures of the brain: the thalamus, the hypothalamus, the hippocampus, and the amygdaloid body.

You’ll hear how Om is a bridge from our external perception to our internal perception, and a path by which we can all experience the absolute. “The story of your life is written in the tissues of your body, and so the practice of Om allows you to lift…the ink from all of those pages and gaze at it. And it gives you the opportunity to either rewrite or erase those experiences…scorching the seeds of those impressions so that they no longer impact your actions or dictate how you see the world.” 

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