Reclaiming Our Selves and Our World, with Kelly Morris

Reclaiming Our Selves and Our World, with Kelly Morris

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Teacher: Kelly Morris
Host: Zubin Shroff

When host Zubin Schroff asks Kelly Morris, “As a teacher of teachers, what are you responsible for conveying?”, her answer is as far from expected dogma as one can get. Kelly, who is known for forging her own unique path, talks about how she escaped from the rigorous, hierarchical and paternalistic system of Tibetan Buddhism where she trained for eight, intense years. 

In this episode of Talking Yoga, you’ll hear how it was Kelly’s discovery of shamanism, healing practices indigenous to the original peoples of the world that are so profound, that they helped her reconnect with the divine, and discover that like snowflakes, everyone is different. “Your relationship to the divine is singular, indelible, and completely unique. It will not be replicated by anyone in the future, it has never been done before, and it’s deeply private.”

So, what does Kelly teach? Kelly attacks the lie that someone always knows what you are better than you do: your father, your shrink, your priest, the scale, the mirror. “I found that there’s a way you can reconnect people to their native intelligence and allow them to forge their own path, to make their own way.”  And she teaches that Earth isn’t irrelevant, that God never left, that Eve wasn’t the culprit, and that Eden has been right here all along.