Owning Your Power, with Kathryn Budig

Owning Your Power, with Kathryn Budig

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Teacher: Kathryn Budig
Host: Colleen Saidman Yee

How can you find your own true center and avoid being influenced by the opinions of others? Where, in fact, does your sense of confidence and self-worth come from? The answer, according to master teacher Kathryn Budig, isn’t to be found in your relationships, or your job. It’s deeper within you, but, as she tells host Colleen Saidman Yee in this episode of Talking Yoga, finding your true self isn’t easy in a world filled with bullies, social media trolls, and even well-meaning people who tell you about your life through the filter of their own pain.

Luckily for us, Kathryn and Colleen explain how asana and meditation are tools that we can all use to understand that what we are more than what people say about us, that help us reach a place safe from the noise and chaos, where we can recharge, focus, clear out the negatives, and go back “home.” Or, as Kathryn says, “Meditation is like going through a car wash in my brain.”

You’ll also hear about how it can be so hard for women to speak about their own power or to accept compliments, and yet so easy to indulge in self-deprecating conversation. Plus, Kathryn, who is the author of Aim True, explains why she thinks our new empowerment during the “Age of the Female” is still too fresh to help us easily contradict what centuries have ingrained in our society

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