Be Yourself, with Kathryn Budig

Be Yourself, with Kathryn Budig

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What is it that thing that makes you come alive? That’s the question host Colleen Saidman Yee discusses with our guest, internationally celebrated master teacher Kathryn Budig, in an episode of Talking Yoga recorded on the very day that Kathryn’s new book. Aim True, was published.

In Kathryn’s case, her inspiration comes from the Greek goddess Artemis, the original tomboy who defied societal rules to be herself. “As an adult, when I came back to her, that’s what kind of propelled this Aim True message: this ability to completely take a stand in what it is you love and what you’re amazing at, and what you want to put into the world, regardless of the noise of others, regardless of the opinions of others, and step into your own.” 

Colleen and Kathryn also talk about how Kathryn got to where she is today, from growing up in Kansas where her parents let her explore her own creativity and supported everything she wanted to do, to college at UVA, to an 8-year-stint in LA pursing acting where she learned so much – including that the Hollywood thing wasn’t for her – before finally settling in Charleston, SC from where she writes and teaches yoga online at

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