Connecting to the Cosmos with Kelly Morris

Connecting to the Cosmos with Kelly Morris

Teacher: Kelly Morris
Host: Zubin Shroff

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If you’re looking for straight talk and life-changing insights from a master teacher, you’re going to love this episode of Talking Yoga featuring Zubin Shroff’s interview with Kelly Morris. You’ll discover the “dirty little secret of yoga teachers” (hip replacement surgery as a result of years of loading the joints) and why so many yogis are abandoning their mats in their forties and fifties. Find out why Kelly thinks yoga has devolved “into people just trying to get into shape” when it was really “meant to heal you and restore you to the greater whole from which man and woman are largely asunder.” And learn how yoga helps you demand less from your personal relationships by offering a way to connect to the cosmos by yourself, in a non-sexual way, without a partner.

When Simon from Oakland, CA asks about the recent trend of including more meditation in yoga classes, Kelly explains why she’s all for it. As Kelly puts it, “My meditation practice has been instrumental in allowing me, affording me, this different kind of relationship with my body, and with the Earth, and with what I call the greater cosmos.” You’ll also hear about how Kelly’s approach to yoga has changed as she’s gotten older, and why she thinks it’s so important to bring your meditation skill set into the classroom.

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