“Carrying On” with David Swenson

“Carrying On” with David Swenson

Teacher: David Swenson
Host: Beryl Bender Birch

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Join us as Beryl Bender Birch sits down with David Swenson to share the insights he’s gained over 40 years practicing and teaching yoga. David discusses hitting plateaus in our practice, where we think that nothing is changing and we lose sight of how good we feel. He explains how for him, “Carrying on is a tool” for doing yoga, and for the rest of his life. 

For David, yoga is not meant to be selfish: “Feel good, but then go and make the world a better place any way you can by sharing the positive energy.” You’ll get to hear David describe the joy he’s gotten – and the spiritual lessons he’s learned – from teaching yoga to those who are blind. And you’ll learn how he started his journey by reading yoga books with his brother Doug Swenson in Texas – and how they were nearly arrested in a Houston park for practicing what unenlightened neighbors saw as “Devil Worship.”

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