Breathe Easy and Everything Changes, with Seane Corn

Breathe Easy and Everything Changes, with Seane Corn

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Host Colleen Saidman Yee begins this episode of Talking Yoga with a question from Rebecca in Ft. Worth, Texas, who asks master teacher Seane Corn to talk about the freedom that comes with owning the mistakes of your past, especially in the light of her admission of youthful recreational drug use. 

Seane’s answer is as open and honest as everything else she says about her own experiences: “I don’t believe in shaming the human experience, whether it’s sex, or drugs, or alcohol, or any kind of thing that most people may perceive as bad, wrong, naughty, or indulgent. I think it’s just a necessary part of each individual’s unique evolution.”

Seane recounts her own evolution, beginning as a youth overwhelmed by serious OCD, which she describes as her first “drug of choice” that she used to self-regulate her debilitating anxiety. It wasn’t until she underwent a life-changing moment in a yoga class, when her yoga teacher told her, “Breathe easy, and everything changes,” that Seane was able let go of the drinking, drugs, cigarettes and other aspects of her wild life in NYC. “That became the moment where I started to focus on my body, and the signals my body was giving me when I was in anxiety, and the impulse that I had either to do this patterning, or to see the correlation between my drug use and my stress and the OCD of my stress.”

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