Yoga: The Gift of Life, with Rodney Yee

Yoga: The Gift of Life, with Rodney Yee

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Teacher: Rodney Yee
Host: Zubin Shroff

How did a physical therapy and philosophy major at UC Davis become a master teacher known and respected the world over? Find out when host Zubin Shroff interviews his teacher, Rodney Yee, in this surprising episode of Talking Yoga. Rodney shares his misgivings about the drawbacks of teaching mixed level classes: “You can’t really tell which one of them are actually going to be naturally curious.” Rodney explains the most important thing you can say to a new student, and what he sees his job is as a teacher.

From quoting Krishnamurti to exploring the true history and false myths of the evolution of yoga, Rodney offers a unique insight into what has been most important to his own journey. You’ll hear which teachers influenced him – but how he’s learned the most from his friends and peers like concert violinist Ian Swensen, Richard Rosen, and Colleen Saidman, his wife, partner, and co-director. And you’ll learn why Rodney says, “I don’t practice yoga anymore… It’s part of my everyday DNA… I really believe that it gives me the gift of life… I can directly touch life as it is and as it’s arising because of these practices.” 

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