The Power of Yoga, with Kino MacGregor

The Power of Yoga, with Kino MacGregor

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Teacher: Kino MacGregor
Host: Zubin Shroff

In the latest episode from our Talking Yoga interview with master teacher Kino MacGregor, host Zubin Shroff asks Kino how she came to yoga and why she practices. Her answer to both questions comes from the same place: her search for a way out of unhappiness, into a more peaceful life. In fact, Kino tells Zubin, when she doesn’t practice she can feel a difference in her nervous system – and her state of mind.

You’ll hear Kino share more about asana, the Ashtanga Yoga Fourth Series, and her studies in Mysore, India with her mentor, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and his grandson, R. Sharath Jois. And though Guruji is no longer with us, Kino describes his light as being like the sun: “Even though we may not see it when it sets, it’s always shining somewhere here on Earth.”

Discover what Kino learns from her own students, and which part of their yoga journeys amazes her most. She describes how she uses a technique Guruji used, to help a student when they thought they couldn’t do something to discover a limitless place inside themselves. You’ll also learn what Kino means when she says that “yoga always keeps its promise” and that “the power of yoga is the power of yourself – your highest, deepest, most grand and beautiful self. Once you start to reveal that in your life, all of that beauty is reflected back around you.”

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