Do you own your past?

Do you own your past?

Not just the mistakes, but everything that you’ve done to bring you to this moment on your life’s journey?

Master teacher Seane Corn does, with one exception: she doesn’t consider what she’s done a mistake.

Now, if you know anything about Seane Corn, you know that she’s been very public about her past, a wild one that includes recreational drug use and more.

But in the first part of her interview with our host Colleen Saidman Yee, Seane says this:

“I don’t believe in shaming the human experience, whether it’s sex, or drugs, or alcohol, or any kind of thing that most people may perceive as bad, wrong, naughty, or indulgent. I think it’s just a necessary part of each individual’s unique evolution.”

And, in Seane’s case, her drug use was part of her evolution, as she learned to self-regulate the debilitating anxiety she had as a kid. In tomorrow’s episode of Talking Yoga, you can watch or listen to her explain how she coped with that stress, first through OCD, then drugs and cigarettes, and then, finally, yoga.

And it was yoga that gave her the tools to focus on her own body and the signals it was giving her, to understand what was happening and to take control of her own reality.

Pretty heavy stuff, right?

So, what about you, and your life? Are there things you’ve done that others might not understand, but that helped you get where you are today? How have you used your personal yoga practice to manage your own stress and anxiety, or to take control of your own physicality?

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And be sure to watch our newest episode, “Breathe Easy and Everything Changes, with Seane Corn,” hosted by Colleen Saidman Yee, which will premiere this Tuesday, August 16, at 11am EDT on our website, iTunes and our YouTube channel.