Kelly Morris: Master Teacher

Kelly Morris: Master Teacher

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Direct, frank, and fearless, empowered by compassion, but mostly, LOVE, Kelly Morris leads The Infinity Call, a live morning guided meditation for thousands of women. Based on Buddhist and Shamanic traditions, participants go deep within their body, mind, and spirit to unlock limiting beliefs and their infinity through the divine feminine.

Kelly is the founder of the renowned Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training Program in NYC; named “Best Of” 3 years in a row by New York Magazine. She has been named one of NYC's foremost teachers disrupting the industry by Yoga Journal and The New York Times.

Kelly has been initiated into Kali by Amma, into Durga by Gannon, into Siva by Satchidananda, and into Yamantaka, Vajrayogini and Ganden Hlagmo by various Tibetan Buddhist lamas. She’s on the faculty at Kripalu and Omega, a speaker at Wanderlust, and writes for Origin and Mantra magazines.

After September 11, 2001, New York Magazine wrote a cover story about Kelly as a leading light and voice of compassion, an honor no other yoga or meditation teacher has ever received. It marked the movement of yoga into mainstream consciousness in NYC, changing yoga’s place in the cultural zeitgeist.