Talking about #TalkingYoga

Talking about #TalkingYoga

Imagine you were at a yoga retreat and you overheard David Swenson reminiscing with Beryl Bender Birch about what it was like when they were both studying with Pattabhi Jois in Maui in 1989…

Or you were waiting for your class in the hall outside the yoga studio one day and you heard Colleen Saidman Yee talking with another yoga master teacher, Seane Corn, about how Seane overcame her debilitating OCD through her yoga practice…

You would cherish those stories, and you would share them with your friends… often.

Now you can have those experiences... and others just as valuable, right here on Talking Yoga.

Yoga has always been kept alive by the transmission of wisdom, practice and learning, from teacher to student, or, more accurately, since we are all teachers and we are all students, from yogi to yogi, for centuries.

But there is something that resonates when you watch a master teacher open up about what they’ve learned, or what drives them, or what they feel inside as they practice asana, that you can only get in an intimate conversation.

That’s what we want Talking Yoga to be for you – and for us.

At Talking Yoga, it’s all about our shared curiosity, expressed through the questions we ask and the conversations we have.

When we ask you to join the conversation, we’re really inviting you to join our community on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, YouTube and iTunes – the community of yogis who, like you and like us, have our lives enriched by talking about yoga.

As part of the Talking Yoga community, now you will have the chance to ask master teachers the burning questions you want answered, the chance to feed your own curiosity.

And because we are all part of this community, your curiosity feeds ours, and we all get to share in the contagious joy of discovery.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and for joining us in… #TalkingYoga.

--Jeffrey Simons

Social Media Director, Talking Yoga