What questions would you ask a master teacher?

What Questions Would You Ask a Master Teacher?

One of the aspects we cherish most about Talking Yoga is the honesty and openness exhibited by the master teachers we interview.

And that’s true whether it’s Colleen Saidman Yee talking about how menopause has affected her yoga practice, or whether it’s Kelly Morris talking about how her globetrotting youth led her to become the person she is today.

It’s not just the “what” that’s unique, though. It is also the “why.”

These master teachers are sharing themselves with all of us because somebody in our community asked them to.

In the case of Kelly, who’s featured in this episode of Talking Yoga, Connecting to the Cosmos, with Kelly Morris,” her story comes in answer to a question from one of her students, who asks, “Kelly, why are you so sassy?”

Now, if you know anything at all about Kelly Morris, you’re nodding your head in agreement right now. And if you don’t, just spend 5 minutes with Kelly in this episode and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

It turns out that, in addition to the “Irish Gangster” in her, Kelly moved around a lot as a kid, going to 12 schools all around the world before she was 16 and never feeling like she fit in. When that’s the case, you have a choice, she says: “You either crumble, and become like a follower, or you say, ‘Oh, screw that’ and you become more yourself. So in some ways it's like a strengthening process, I guess.”

Personal stories aren’t all that our master teachers share with us in Talking Yoga, though.
We gain access to the outspoken beliefs and deepest philosophies of our master teachers.
Again, from “Connecting to the Cosmos, with Kelly Morris”:  “Yoga has kind of devolved into people just trying to get into shape. You know, yoga wasn’t meant to get you to a size 2, necessarily. It was meant to heal you and restore you to the greater whole from which man and women are largely asunder.”

There are plenty of places online where you can go to explore what you can do on the yoga mat. But there’s no place else you can go to learn from master teachers and have a meaningful conversation with your fellow yogis about the world surrounding that mat.

What questions do you have for our master teachers? What subjects would you like to see addressed in future episodes of Talking Yoga? Tell us in the comments below, or in the discussions about this episode on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to include the hashtag, #TalkingYogaQuestions.